Customer relationships are our most valuable asset

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We recognize that every interaction with our client's patrons is an indispensable opportunity to strengthen the relationship and forge brand allegiance. We raise the customer experience quotient by providing enriched engagement and solutions through solid, friendly and effective interactions.

Technology that doesn't hurt nature

We are staunch supporters of the implementation of ‘green technology’, it is specifically with this drive that we have chosen Dell as our technology partner.

Partnering with a company that believes in pairing technology with innovation to make a positive social and environmental impact – building a Legacy of Good.

Dell is known globally to being committed to putting the technology and expertise that they have deployed to work, where it can do the most good for people and the planet, making possible today what was impossible yesterday.

  • CVDI Technology

    With the quickly changing world of BPO, IT Infrastructure must be able to handle whatever the Client needs with superb business efficiency, resilience and security. This is what makes ACEBPO® – CVDI 'Centralized Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure' setup cluster; we built our Data Center with the smallest carbon footprint possible without sacrificing its capacity to handle the most resource-extensive client requirements.

  • World Class POD Design

    Our CVDI DATA CENTER Facility is powered by the latest Intel Xeon based DELL Servers. The first BPO Center in South East Asia to utilize Full CVDI, this provides us the computing power we need to deliver what we promise, manned 24/7 by Experts ready to troubleshoot and address the rare issues that cannot be directly resolved through our Centralized Management System.

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  • Avant-Garde Infrastructure

    Our Data Center maintains fiber backbone networks, power feeds, dedicated generators and centralized battery backup to provide not only consistent power for the Data Center but for the production area as well. Infrastructure is built using industry-leading hardware and equipment, thus ensuring the highest level of performance, reliability and operability.

  • Big Data ready Architecture

    The rack design not only provides manageable and faster issue resolution; it also delivers big-data ready network, sizable power and streamline system deployment. The backbone network has 40Gbps of connectivity dedicated to it – 10Gbps to the private network, 1Gbps to the whole production floor. We are talking Big Data network performance for every system.

ACE BPO® - AMPC is committed to bringing world-class services to businesses all over the world

ACE BPO® stands on the precipice of global industry transformation –industry-specific outsourcing rather than generic process-oriented offerings. The remarkable shift to industry-specific outsourcing from horizontal outsourcing encompasses a 20-22% growth in capital markets, 14-16% in banking and insurance whereas the growth in horizontal outsourcing such as finance and accounting outsourcing (FAO), contact centers, and multi- process HRO are only 8-10%, 6-8%, and 2-4% respectively.

Progress is lightning fast

Our first building is fast approaching its completion...

ACE BPO® stands for 'AMPC Center of Excellence - Bataan Peninsula Outsourcing' and is the first Cooperative owned BPO Center in history which aims to LEAD the transformation of Multi-Purpose Cooperatives from being an 'agricultural and financing institution' to a 'Globally Competitive Organization'.

Top notch, world-class service offerings

You will find premiere services

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Business Process Outsourcing

Come and take advantage of ACE BPO®’s Back Office Services Program and enter new market competencies faster!

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Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Higher value-added processes where the achievement of objectives is highly dependent on the skills, domain knowledge and experience of the ACE BPO® people carrying out the activity.

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Back Office Services

Come and take advantage of ACE BPO®’s Back Office Services Program and enter new market competencies faster!

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Contact Center Services

We at ACE BPO® make sure that every interaction with your customer or prospect is professional, the information is accurate and the experience leaves each person with a positive impression of your brand.

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I.T. Outsourcing

Our service excellence, with reliable standardized globally delivered services guarantees clients' peace of mind, while our ability to drive innovation ensures clients of a convincing course of action for the future.

About Us

AMPC Center of Excellence – Bataan Peninsula Outsourcing ("ACE BPO®") is a Philippine funded organization, with more than 1,000 seats providing industry standard solutions across many spectrums. ACE BPO®'s strength is its Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) capabilities, which it skillfully leverages to enter high growth industries and market segments.

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